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Trocaire Gifts Purchased


Thanks to everyone who supported the cake sale on Friday.  With the €670 that they raised 5th & 6th class bought Trocaire gifts.


They bought:

  1. Land for a family home x 1: This provides education on rights, titles and ownership as well as legal legal support so that families can hold on to the land that is theirs. (€150)
  2. Farming Kit for a family x 1: This provides a family with seeds, tools, goats and chickens. It also helps towards providing communities with water pumps, toilets, clean drinking water and training. (€200)
  3. Water Pumps and Irrigation x 1: Clean drinking water means less disease, fewer deaths and happier, healthier families.  Irrigation systems, including water conservation and recycling, also help families to grow more fruit, grains and vegetables so they have better harvests and a variety of healthy food. (€100)
  4. Mother and New Born Baby Care x 1: A healthy baby and happy healthy mother are the greatest gifts any family can receive. (€85)
  5. School Lunches x 2: This gift will give six children a lunch of maize and beans every school day for a month. (€60)
  6. Solar Lamp x 3: This gift provides families with no electricity six hours of light.  Families can cook, care for children easily in the evening and children can do their homework. (€45)
  7. Olive Tree x 8: Will provide families with a valuable source of income for generations to come. (€40)