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Scoil Moibhi, or Milverton National School as it is known locally, is a small four teacher school in Balcunnin, Skerries, Co. Dublin. It is built on land which was part of Milverton Demesne.  The school was constructed in 1902 and opened on 23 May 1903, the principal was Mrs. Mary Reilly. The school was formerly Grange National School.


 Milverton National School has survived two world wars and a civil war.  It has educated pupils through astonishing times from King Edward VII and British rule to the establishment of the Republic of Ireland and the European Union. From the Wright brothers first flight in 1903 to Neil Armstrong's first step on the moon in 1969.  From the suffragist movement to female Presidents.


 Milverton School Principals (1903-Present)

Mrs. Mary Reilly           1903-1904

Mrs. Anna De Lacy       1904-1935

Mr. Joseph Byrne        1935-1943

Mr. Daniel Hawkins       1943-1949

Mr. Sean O'Farrell       1949-1955

Mr. Tom Keane              1955-1985

Mr. Shay McGuinness    1986-2009

Mr. Johnny Tyndall       2009-2019

Mrs. Maria Lynam         2019-


Milverton Assistant Teachers (1903-Present)

Ms. Anna Connolly         1905-1910

Ms. Johnstone              1910-1916

Ms. Brereton                1917

Ms. McKee                    1917-1926

Ms. Maura Seaver         1927-1935

Mrs. Alice Tiernan        1935-1950

Ms. Tilly McGee            1950-1962

Ms. Doris Duggan          1962-1968

Ms. Hurley                    1968-1970

Ms. Ann Gavin                1970-1974

Mrs. Bernie Duff           1974-2002

Mrs. Mary Whitty         1991-2017

Mrs. Maria Lynam          2001-?

Mrs. Bernie O'Grady      2002-2003

Ms. Maria Ferry             2003-Present

Ms. Maria Coyle              2005-2010

Ms. Miriam Gilroy           2008- Present

Ms. Deirdre Smith          2010- Present

Mr. Conor McGuinness     2017-Present

Ms. Nadia Grimes            2019-Present