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Letter to Parents Regarding January Closures

8TH January 2021


Dear Parent / Guardian

As announced by the Minister of Education Norma Foley, all schools will not be reopening prior to 1st February.  

As it was becoming apparent that such an announcement was imminent members of Senior Management in all Skerries schools once again met virtually to discuss common concerns, plan for what is an immediate issue, what under normal circumstances would be taking place at this time of the year and if / how alterations could be provided.

All of us as leaders as well as our teachers and SNAs would so much prefer to be returning as normal, however we are aware that the Health and Safety of all members of the school community and the community at large must be a priority.   Each school, as mentioned, has made a decision involving consultation, surveys etc with all stakeholders as well as using professional judgement as to what works best for the children in our care. The message we would like to clearly deliver is that while we would strongly recommend engagement with our plans it is fully understood that every family situation is different, and we will do our best to support this while fully appreciating that the wellbeing of your family is of paramount importance so that upon return to school all members of our school communities are physically and emotionally receptive to resuming learning.

All schools will be returning to online learning in the week commencing Monday 11th January.   In most cases this will be similar to what was used during the last school year.  All schools will endeavour to deliver as best a service as is possible and we are all hoping that our staff will remain well and where necessary substitution will be available nationally to uphold these plans.  Our primary schools in the town have access to a teacher supply panel which is beneficial but was unable to meet all demands during the first term.

On behalf of the leaders of our schools we wish you all the best and thank you for your support, patience and understanding.  We really look forward to working with your children ‘face to face’ again soon.

With every good wish.

Maria Lynam and Conor McGuinness