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Circulation Information for parents

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Sent: Friday 27 September 2019 11:09
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Subject: Circulating Information to Parents

Hi Parents

We were asked to share the following with you from a parent.

I sent a Facebook pm regarding circulating information to parents in relation to opening special classes or 'units' . Many parents are not aware that the DES can now insist on a special class opening in a school , where there is a demand.
While mainstream is great for some children, other children are unable to cope with the demands placed on them in mainstream schools, particularly at second level. This often leads to school refusal or failure. Special classes allow children with ASD to integrate at their own pace .
I would appreciate if you could circulate some information I received from a local SENO.
It might be appropriate to mention :


While mainstream is a good option for many children with ASD, other children need a more supported environment of special class or 'unit'. Legislation now enables the Department of Education and skills to open such special classes where there is demand both at primary and secondary level. The following information may be of help to you if your child is in need of such a place :

 There are changes in legislation (Admission Bill 2018) regarding schools choosing to open up classes.  Please see press release below using the  following link: <>

It is very important that schools be informed of pupils that may require access to special classes - both parents and NCSE representatives   (taken into account the GDPR) can be very effective with this preparatory information (local needs).  Pupils requiring access to a special ASD class should have a recommendation for the class and meet the DSM/ICD criteria.

Thanks and Kind Regards

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